Why we created
this website?

We don't know :) But if we talk seriously, in our life we ​often faced with situations, when we meet our friends or just acquaintances and discuss about cars. And your friend asks (for example): "Have you seen new "Mercedes SLKMBF Super Model S" and what do you think about it?"

- and you don't know what to answer him, because you don't know how looks this car (Last time, we often find ourselves in such situations).

Keep an eye on all news of cars industry is sometimes really difficult. In this situation, you can always visit our site and learn how looks a car :)

But if we talk VERY seriously, imagine our life without cars is no possible at this time. The car - probably the best invention of mankind. And we want to create the single online photo-base of cars in the internet space.

We think that it is quite interesting.

Users have the opportunity to see quality pictures and photos of cars that are interesting for them, discuss them, supplement car's brands with new models.

We are working on website all day and we will improve and develop the project, fill it with new information and services. We hope that our website will take it's rightful place in web.

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