Audi A4 Avant

Audi A4 Avant

The airports of Venice met with billboards Audi A4 new generation. In the photo - the car, the fuel consumption figures and emissions of carbon dioxide.

Interesting! And we Burch, say, Volkswagen-Audi same, boring, then-sho, and then won a series spun. Ostensibly Bosch as a supplier of fuel equipment back in 2007 warned about the misuse of VW cleverly-software in production cars. Now it seems that the directors themselves do not know where the story will eventually lead: whether VW Group will simply lose money, whether we are - diesels. The situation is serious: the agency Associated Press, citing its own analysis, Volkswagen already blames for the death of dozens of people, and says that in Europe, where more dizelezirovannoy deal worse. In turn, VW claims that have not yet seen the confirmed relationship between emissions of nitrogen oxides of their "illegal" cars and specific deaths.

Story A4 counted since 1972 - with the Audi 80 sedan generation B1. Now the "quartet" - the most popular models of the company, it is said in Ingolstadt spine. A spine is the most "Quartet" generation B9 - is the platform of the second generation MLB, MLB evo, which is already known to us under the new crossover Q7 and will form the basis of future A6 and A8. The so-called "longitudinal matrix" - the most important for Audi: in more than 60% of all models sold by motors arranged longitudinally.

The new platform - the main proof of that, as provided by "four" is new, and is not what it seems in the photos, videos and even live. Hard to believe, but compared to the previous A4 modified 90% of the parts! And it is not on the details of the current Audi A6. A key advantage of the MLB-evo before the predecessor matrix - more variability. Power units may be conventional, gas, hybrid and electric. If the body is mainly steel A4, A6 in the body will have more of aluminum, while the A8, as in the "Seven» BMW, - CFRP. Multimedia Complex on the MIB (Modular Infotainment Matrix) «submatrix" is also scalable.

For the consumer, the next evolution of the "Quartet" - is, first of all, the army of electronic assistants (Germans counted them already thirty!), More insistently leading us to a completely autonomous vehicles. For example, the system Audi pre sense city completely stops the car in front of a sudden obstacle at speeds up to 40 km / h, and adaptive cruise control, as in the Passat with Superboy, not only maintains the distance between cars in traffic, but at speeds up to 65 km / h taxis following the flow. Technology, as we say in Audi, focus on reducing driver stress. You would think in the old "four" someone annoying.

Dimensions A4 rose almost imperceptibly, the main increase in the cabin - 10-20 mm upward, forward and to the side - on the second row. The new "four" is still longer than the "treshka" the BMW (102 mm) and the Mercedes C-Class (40 mm), while the wheelbase at "tseshki" more. Inside the A4 - almost the Q7, the design is similar up to the door trim and materials: aluminum, Alcantara. I do not call the old "four" poor, but new and more a status. The question on the background of virtual devices with the Google navigation, maps and general techno brevity sticks out central display. The Q7 can be drown, and A4 - except break off.

Some multimediyschiki Audi said that the central screen is the passenger, it's not the R8 TT or, where that is not a theme, and a family car. Other justify his image from the rear view camera, inaccessible virtual instrument "four". Make a detachable screen as optional Android-tablet for rear riders, do not give US demands: that then he will turn permitted more than two seconds and the fixture will have to finalize a crash test. Still, the temporary nature of the central screen is obvious - concepts prologue prologue and the allroad clearly point to separate the passenger display.

The world's best smoothness I will not name, microprofile still noticeable, but with the "comfort" suspension, shock absorbers which in turn operate in Comfort mode, the Auto and the Dynamic, A4 rides great. About as good as new Passat. Anyway, I'm not ready to rank their chassis without a rigorous full-time comparisons. You choose Dynamic - no shakes, Comfort - not swayed. All plump, collected. Modes can not be changed. The main difference between "sports" suspension, which also operates in three modes to choose from - in a hard coating passing joints, sometimes they twitch sensitive sedan for the legs.

What's A4 engine, calm driver, in general, without a difference. Even known for Passat initial turbo petrol 1.4 TFSI, who replaced the unit 1.8, carries from 1500 rev / min quite cheerfully - to hundreds of 8.5-8.7 seconds. Recognize him unconditionally sufficient prevents only sound: under full throttle heard that puffed up. Two-liter "four" capacity of 190 forces (that gasoline, diesel that) - the juice, and 252-horsepower version of the 2.0 TFSI (249 hp in Russia) - and even roar. A six-speed "mechanics" we can be ordered only on the initial two petrol engines, or - seven-step "robot» S tronic with a pair of "wet" clutches.