Insurance for business owners in the industry moto do you need?

Insurance for business owners in the industry moto do you need?

If you run a business where you have to deal with cars (car dealership, repair shop, car wash, etc.). It every day incur a great risk of the value to insure.

These are professions in which the liability insurance for an entrepreneur is mandatory. Such is the case of lawyers (eg. A lawyer, notary, legal adviser), as well as specialists from insurance and taxes (insurance broker, tax advisor, valuer) and travel companies (tour operator, airline). Mandatory OC must also have doctors. Automotive companies this obligation does not apply, but every day they have to deal with the risk of an accident or collision, associated with moving the road many automobiles.

What kind of insurance can buy a business owner?

Insurance specifically targeting this group of entrepreneurs are not often found in insurance companies. He has them in its offer, for example, the British insurer Insurance Factory. What characterizes such a policy? First of all, it has been prepared solely for the entrepreneurs affected by the risks associated with moving multiple vehicles (not just your own car). They can therefore benefit from it:

  • The owners of car repair shops, car mechanics li>
  • The owners of service points, a used cars and other vehicles
  • The owners of car washes

    For the insurer does not matter whether we have contact with cars full-time, or as an additional class cars imported from Germany and sell one or two pieces a month. Insurance Motor Trade Insurance is addressed especially to those business owners who have completed 25 years.

    From what risks can be insured?

    OC for the owners of businesses related to automobiles include all risks that are linked to the daily work in the workshop or commission basis. The policy is assigned to the person and not to a vehicle, which applies to all cars, which moves insured regardless of whether there are more than a day or a few. A situation in which the owner of the repair shop, car wash or commission must lead auto client or a car belonging to the commission are plenty even when you need to move the vehicle from place to place or receive it from the designated location and substitute eg. Workshop. Just a small cullet, scratch the car that caused injury. For just such cases it is good to have insurance that does not have to adjust the accounts for the liquidation of the damage out of pocket.

    What to consider when buying insurance?

    During a conversation with an insurance agent it is best to ask for the preparation of an individual offer, which will be tailored to the specifics of a particular business. Other insurance will need the technician and the other owner of the car wash network across the country. For entrepreneurs OC important buyers should not only be the price premium for the insurance, but the amount of the sum insured and what is covered by insurance. Are these just damages that are the result of accidents at work and can also damage caused by sub-contractors? It is also good to establish details of the liquidation of any damages. Additional clauses, which should think especially the owners of service points which reduced their car in person from abroad is the inclusion of insurance against damage arising outside the territory of Polish or damage to items (in this case the vehicles), which are under the care of the insured person. Protection against every possible risk will quietly do their job without incurring unnecessary costs at emergency.