Subaru Legacy IV

Subaru Legacy IV

Subaru Legacy IV is one of the few family cars with standard four-wheel drive. We checked whether the stereotypical concerns about the high cost of its operation are justified.

Legacy on the Polish market extremely unpopular model. In 2008, it was a moment of it aloud, because the first vehicle Subaru received a diesel engine (Boxer Diesel). But I could not escape the shadow of charismatic events or trendy Forester. A rivals other brands could not fight as equals, because the price we charge duty - came at the end of Japan. On the secondary market also plays a supporting role. Which does not mean, however, that it can be cheap to buy. The base petrol version costs about as much as a well-equipped Passat B6 1.9 TDI diesel.

Doors with a twist

Legacy does not impress either of room for passengers or luggage capacity. The range of body is limited to the sedan and station wagon (uterenowione combo called the Outback). In contrast to previous generations, there are no major problems with corrosion. And if it is, it appears spot in the vicinity of the wheel arches. Noteworthy door without window frames. Seal life depends on the conditions under which the copy was operated and how its user celebrated with them in the winter. In case of damage, you can save the used Internet - cost approx. 70 zl per set, and this means that the demand for them is small.

Even with reducer

All versions of the Subaru Legacy IV are equipped with four-wheel drive. In variations of the automatic distribution of torque ensures an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. Models with manual gearbox have a fixed drive with three differentials. In the naturally aspirated versions of the combo is also the regulator, which is an additional gear for the gearbox, which allows the driver has not really 5 and 10 gears in forward - 5 regular and 5 field (at the same engine speed wheels turn slower).

Reducer can be turned on and off while driving - just simply have to press the clutch and shift lever on the center tunnel in the appropriate position. Turning off the reducer can be done without reducing the speed. When turning you have to be careful not to turn the engine or not to burn the clutch. The turbocharged versions, not mounted reducer. In return, there is rear locking differential.

Drive Legacy durable design. Discussed on online forums problems with low lifetime clutch usually arise from excessive load this item when starting. They complain mainly diesel users. No wonder - where high torque is already available at low revs.

Only boxers


ll engines have Legacy IV push-pull arrangement of cylinders. Trouble-free operation ensures unfortunately only a basic, two-liter naturally aspirated engine. If one takes into account the installation of gas, it is best suited to an older, 137-PS version of SOHC, where the valve clearance can be adjusted without removing the drive unit. In newer DOHC (150 or 165 hp), is another system of regulation. Its execution requires removing the engine.

Subaru Legacy IV (2003-2009) - Summary

Subaru Legacy car technically advanced and therefore more expensive to operate than the popular car with front-wheel drive. Note, however, that the costs generated mainly by strong versions of petrol or diesel. Base dwulitrowke 150 hp can be recommended to anyone looking for a family car with permanent four-wheel drive.